Family Law and Divorce

The Firm represents either of the parties in divorces, separate maintenance and annulment cases. From simple, agreed divorces to complex cases involving significant assets (including businesses) and custody issues, the Firm has substantial experience in properly advising and guiding clients to reach a final resolution. Alan Alderson, Michelle Slinkard and Brian Frost handle these matters.

Child Custody
A substantial portion of the Firm’s practice involves seeking a modification of existing custody arrangements, or defending against a modification proposed by another parent. Our attorneys, Alan Alderson, Michelle Slinkard and Brian Frost, have many years of experience and are very knowledgeable about what judges look for in these situations, and understand alternatives to litigation.

Visitation (parenting time)
The Firm handles a great number of cases involving parents’ rights to visitation of their children. Alan Alderson, Michelle Slinkard and Brian Frost are well informed about these issues and have participated in the development of Shawnee County Family Law Guidelines.

Several members of the Firm have substantial experience in issues involving determination of parentage, custody, child support and visitation in paternity cases. The firm represents both mothers and fathers in paternity cases. Alan Alderson, Michelle Slinkard and Brian Frost have years of experience in these matters, and they are able to skillfully guide their clients through the maze of issues involved in paternity cases.

Child Support
The Firm routinely represents parents in seeking or defending against modifications of child support. Alan Alderson, Michelle Slinkard and Brian Frost all represent clients in matters involving child support issues. They are up to date with all the latest rules, guidelines and case law, and Michelle has recently been appointed by the Kansas Supreme Court to be on the Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee.